Monday, September 30, 2013

I Will Survive!

Hello, people who read my blog.

Though I am sure my blog has had a total of 290 pageviews since, well, ever, I thought I'd drop in and apologize for the long wait between patterns. School life has taken its toll, as many can relate, and my interest in crochet was dwindling.

Fortunately I can, however, say that I'd like to get more involved in this blog now that my interested and creativity has taken flight. Recently I began a pet project that turned into what will soon be Christmas gifts for all, which have taken the form of: no drumroll for lack of originality here...


Yes, yes, boo, bleh, carry on. I know what you're thinking: "Geez, she couldn't have done something more fun and interesting like the adorable Captain Harvey the Penguin?!"

Well, yes and no. I've put away a less long term project a month or two ago (I was working on an amigurumi version of Jareth the Goblin King from the old 80's movie Labyrinth. L-O-V-E David Bowie) so at least I have been THINKING about developing a pattern to post online, but unfortunately it just never worked out. Oh, well.

Anyhow, the first scarf I'm making is that of Ravenclaw, and I have less than five days to finish it so my older sister can take it to a Potter-themed party. Thanks for these fun themes, Rowling.

My sister is going as Luna Lovegood, and I'm more than excited because she is even taking the time to make radish earrings.

I'm using the blanket (Tunisian) stitch on these, so prepare to go to the craft store and spend five bucks on those ridiculously long blanket stitch hooks. I'm using size H with Caron Simply Soft (My personal favorite yarn of all time, ever) and so I'll provide a list of things you'll want to gather before my 'pattern' comes out officially.

Yarn, all Caron Simply Soft:
  • 'Autumn Red'
  • 'Dark Sage'
  • 'Honey'     <--- that one I bought accidentally, as it turned out to be Simply Soft 'light.' Cross your fingers that this won't turn out to be a yellowy, hufflepuffely disaster.
  • 'Black'    <--- really? Least original yarn name ever.
  • 'Grey Heather'
  • And the last one is some dark navy blue, a color for which I have lost the label.
Now, I have bought only one skein for each of these colors, and hopefully that will be enough. Hopefully.

Lacey :)


  1. Okay, that was simply well worth the read :) I'm sorry I haven't got back to you since your rather pithy potht (Lithping ekthcluded) to me. Things have been busy, but I'm glad I found this. Your writing is amazing and I'm glad that your heart guides you. Speaking of crocheting, where's my Green Lantern Beanie? Do I get one? No dwindling...or is that dawdling? Hop to it, girl! Tu me manques...beaucoup :) Heh...Not so anonymous now, eh? :)

    1. You're right: 1) Green Lantern and 2) French immediately caused you to reveal your true identity. I guess if you were a super-hero you'd be forced to absorb the fame all the time- no normal life for you, because everyone would know who you are...

      Anyways, I've been thinking about starting some beanie patterns, and figured your GL idea might be fun and easy. Plus, I love the colors involved- green and white, that is.

      Finally, I've also been wondering about beginning an etsy shop for my completed works as a fundraiser for my friends' three year old nephew, who has leukemia. Thoughts?

      -Good to hear from you (in fact, more than good; first comment on this blog), with love,
      Lacey Burley