Sunday, May 26, 2013

Introducing, Captain Harvey the Penguin!

So, of the FIRST pattern posted free for you guys here on Captain Hook's Crochet Hotspot, I've created a special mascot just for us- CAPTAIN HARVEY!!!

Avast! Land ho! (Of course, land here means 'a paradise where I would kill to go to.')

Anywho, here's the pattern! Yay.

Size F crochet hook
Black, white, & magenta Red Heart acrylic yarn
Scrap of orange construction paper
Silver chenille stick
9mm safety eyes
Tapestry needle
Stitch marker (could be anything, even as simple as a paper clip will do).

WINGS (make two all in black)
Ch 2.
1) Sc 4 in 2nd ch from hk. [4 sts]
2) *Sc 2 in next sc. Sc 1* rpt 2 times around. [6 sts]
3-6) Sc 1 in each st around. Join to next stich with sl st, FO. No need to stuff. [6 sts]
*NOTE- On second wing, curve chenille stick into small hook and stick inside center of wing*

BODY (start with black)
Ch 2.
1) Sc 6 in 2 st from hk. Place marker. [6 sts]
2) 2 sc in each st around. [12 sts]
3) *Sc 1. Sc 2 in nxt st* Rpt 6 times around. [18 sts]
4) *Sc 2. Sc 2 in nxt st* Rpt 6 times around. [24 sts]
5) *Sc 3. Sc 2 in nxt st* Rpt 6 times around. [30 sts]

Join this round with a slip stitch and chain one.

6) Sc in each st around in BLO. Join and ch 1. [30 sts]
7-8) Sc in each st around. Do not join or chain any more. [30 sts]
9) *Sc2tog. 3 sc* Rpt 6 times around. [24 sts]
10-11) Sc 1 in each st around. [24 sts]
12) *Sc2tog. 2 sc* Rpt 6 times around. [18 sts]
13-14) Sc 1 in each st around. [18 sts]

Temporarily cast off. Join hook to exposed sts at base of body (bottom) with white yarn. This will be the belly.

~1) Join at exposed st in front of body with sl st. Sc 6 across. Ch 1, turn. [6 sts]
~2-7) Sc across. Ch 1, turn. [6 sts]
~8) Sc2tog. Sc 2. Sc2tog. [4 sts]
~9) *Sc2tog* Twice. FO. [2 sts]

Sew the flap onto the front of body with white yarn and tapestry needle. Pick up with crochet hook where you left off on the body.

15-16) Sc 1 in each st around. [18 sts]

Attach wings here to opposite sides of body. Make sure they line up with top of white belly. Also, begin stuffing body. Make sure it is packed tight. Continue stuffing as you go along.

17) Sc in each st around. [18 sts]
18) *Sc2tog. 2 sc* Rpt 6 times around. Sc2tog in last 2 sts. [13 sts]

Join row with sl st. Switch to magenta yarn. Attack 2 9mm safety eyes wherever desired, or as shown on image above.

19) Sc in each st around BLO. Sl st to next st at end of rw. [14 sts]
20) Sc in each st around. [14 sts]
21) Sc2tog the whole row. Finish stuffing. [7 sts]

Repeat row 21 until hole is completely closed. FO. Sew in ends.

HAT RIM (in magenta)
Join at beginning of top of head's exposed sts from where you crocheted in BLO with sl st.

1) 2 sc in each exposed st around. Make sure you are crocheting counter-clockwise so you expose the right side of the sts. [26 sts]
2) *2 sc in nxt st. 1 sc in nxt st.* Rpt 13 times around. [39 sts]
3) Sc 4. Hdc 1. Dc 6. Hdc 2. Sc 9. Hdc 2. Dc 6. Hdc 1. Sc to end of rw. Join with sl st, FO. Weave in ends. Shape hat to preference.

Place feather in left side of hat. If you are unable to poke it through one of the sts, feel free to glue it- preferably with a hot glue gun. Those things are rather therapeutic.

With orange construction paper, construct small cone. Hot glue together and then hot glue to front of face, between and slightly below the eyes.

Make sure all ends are woven in!

So that's the end of your own Captain Harvey the Penguin... Feel free to share photos, I'd LOVE to see them.

With much love,
ME :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hey, guys! *waves*

So, as you probably already know, I'm starting this blog just to be sort of a nice place for you to hang out, crochet some stuff, and share your thoughts. I love getting comments, and it shouldn't be long that I have my first drafted pattern out. Drafted here is a term meaning, 'I need you all to test it out and tell me how much it sucks,' because I hate doing patterns twice. So much so that if you asked me I'd probably say no... unless you count the octopus pattern I found on another awesome person's blog. I'll link it if you ask me nicely. I made three of them in the last two days that I have been ill with strep, so that's lovely. I also made a narwhal to complete it. There names are (starting with the octopuses)  Spam, the pinkish octopus, Bacon, the purple octopus, and Turkey, the cream octopus. Their special friend is Ham, the blue narwhal. And together they are.... THE MEAT QUATRO!!!! So in case anyone was interested, I spend my life on crochet pattern central. Also, I plan on designing a layout for my blog, and if any of you have ideas, I'd love to hear 'em. I'm pretty handy with photo editing. So..... yeah. Uhm. Yeah. Goodbye, and hopefully I'll post again spoon!

-The Teen Who Loves Nothing But 80's Music, Healthy Food, and Crochet.